Ayla Otis

The Goddess

of Squirting

AM a squirter, I HAVE squirted, and WILL squirt again!!

About The Squirt Goddess

Welcome to my world, the epitome of your wildest dreams....

I'm here to fulfill your fantasies and the first one only starts with seeing squirting up front and live! Model looks at 5'10" and intelligent, I seek the knowledgable, humorous, and positive. I like to laugh, have fun, give you someTHING (the squirting!!) to remember and someONE (me!!) to look forward to seeing again! I'm educated, independently owned and operated (bazinga!), fucking hilarious, and am easy to talk to (or laugh with)! I like to read (Michael Crichton is my fav!), write, dance (*NOT on a pole*), hit the beaches or hiking trails, listen to music, and enjoy learning philosophy, physiology, and holistic medicine.

I prefer to be in the presence of/get along best with hard working, humble people who know how to get down and have a good time (like drinks or group strip poker) as well as those who have mastered their career enough to afford this gorgeous squirter. Ha! I like those who can play and laugh, talk to me like a friend and uhm... get hott and bothered by the risk of attempted drowning and flooding!

-Ayla Otis, Goddess of Squirting, Fantasy Explorer

Disclaimer: no one actually drowned in the making of this website!

Another disclaimer: this goddess is NOT responsible for water- related injuries (short or long term) and you've been informed that there's a possibility of such injuries. Please be aware that squirt ejaculation can get slippery and messy. Safety goggles not supplied.

A blurb about me in poem form!

All types of well-rounded; cute as a Bunny

A dreamer but grounded, playful and funny

Ready to let loose and let you enjoy my squirt juice

Hurry up with your clothes, don't need any of those!

First rule is we hang out naked in my lair! 

I like the girls bouncing in fresh air

Can't be a better view than me riding backwards cowgirl

Nice and hard until I get my necklace of pearl

Females talk a lot but I'm the proof!

Might want to bring something waterproof!...

I am a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there's a key. May the odds ever be in your favour...




To those I've not yet seen, I require: 


A copy of your ID (can black out ID number)


a work website (such as LinkedIN) with a face pic

(OBVIOUSLY someone of my caliber is going to know exactly whom they're about to have a tryst with!) 

My favorite is a 3-4 hour dinner date (Wine, Dine, 69 me!!) that possibly includes a few drinks and/or 420.

I am possibly able to accommodate overnights, weekend dates, fly-me-to-you, and/or vacation getaways. I am passport ready and love to travel! I am also open to the possibility of, in time, a written contract with a sugar daddy (or few). Regardless, let's start with scheduling 60 minutes-4 hrs to start and see if we click and you pass to the next round. *kisses!*

60 min:


90 min:


2 hrs: 900

3 Hours:


4 Hours: 1200

Extended/Overnight visits and vacation packages available- Get verified and ask me! 



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